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Surrogate mothers

Program for a surrogate mother
The surrogacy program can be applied when a genetic mother for one or more reasons is not able to carry a child. A surrogate mother is medically examined in conformity with the Order of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health The approval of directives for procedure in ART use.

A couple’s eggs and sperm are used in this program. Embryos received from IVF treatment are transferred into the body of another woman – the surrogate mother, who becomes pregnant.  During pregnancy, genetic parents take part in the evolution of their baby in the womb of another woman.    They take great care about its health, development and psychological state.

The main partner of IAAM is the Nadiya Clinic, one of the very best in Ukraine. Specialists of the clinic have been working in ART for over fifteen years. The clinic has gained its formidable reputation due to great experience, efficiency and professionalism!

According to the individual wishes of genetic parents the Assisted Motherhood program can also be undertaken at other reproductive clinics in Kiev.

There are some specific requirements concerning surrogate candidates:

  • age 18-35;
  • have a healthy child or children;
  • absence of medical contraindications;
  • possess moral and psychological stability, responsibility and a great desire to assist a childless family;
  • absence of any criminal background;
  • if a surrogate is married, her husband must give a written notarized consent for his wife’s participation in the surrogacy program.

Having all the above mentioned parameters, a surrogate mother is tested for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C, rubella immunoglobulin G, and a pelvic ultrasound is made. Providing the tests are negative, a candidate surrogate mother is examined for the second time to be treated according to the requirements of ART.

If you decide to cooperate with  IAAM, we can provide the medical examination necessary for all surrogate mothers. First of all, you need to fill in an application, so we can register you in our surrogates’ data base. You can do it now!   Just open the webpage Becoming a surrogate mother and fill in the application form. We will then contact you, without delay!


The questionnaire of the candidate in substitute mother

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