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International agency «Assisted motherhood» offers future parents supporting the surrogacy program with individual service package, which includes only the necessary items of the program. If you apply, many advantages, not least peace of mind will be forthcoming. You will have only pleasant matters in your mind because IAAM takes upon itself all the risks in the screening of a surrogate mother, legal support and all the necessary paper work. There will be no personal searches in your circle of friends, advertisements from mediators and also the internet which is full of private offers from putative candidates, among them many swindlers and also crooks offering to be mediators.

We provide our services as in complex (few packages are worked out) so and for individual client.

International agency «Assisted motherhood» offers the following services:

  • general consultation about the surrogacy program;
  • consultation about organizational questions;
  • juridical consultation;
  • medical consultation;
  • choice of clinic of reproductive medicine;
  • screening of a surrogate mother from the data bank of the agency;
  • searching of a surrogate mother according to individual criteria of future parents;
  • organization of  meetings with the candidates to be the surrogate mother;
  • psychological diagnostic and medical examination of the potential surrogate mother to confirm her eligibility to participate in IVF program;
  • screening of an egg donor;
  • provision of educational information about the IVF program with input from the surrogate mother;
  • coordination of the program participants;
  • supervision and control of a surrogate mother;
  • psychological support of the program participants;
  • draft of the contract between the program participants;
  • receiving of all necessary medical and legal documents;
  • assistance in registration and obtaining the birth certificate from the Vital Records Office;
  • preparation of Embassy documents (for non-residents of Ukraine);
  • representation of interests of clients in court;
  • translation, notarization, legalization;
  • organization of insurance;
  • guest and tourist services.

Our guarantees

Our guarantees for you – an invariable sum on contract signature and a sum to compensate the surrogate mother subsequently; in return, guaranteed consent from a surrogate mother for registering you as the parents of a newborn child and the guaranteed genetic association of the child with yourself; official payment being made to the bank account of our company, the continuation of the program with other candidate in case of interruption of the program for any reason - without any additional payment from your side.