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Medical support

Medical support for a surrogate mother

How is this provided?

Women who decided to become surrogates start on the path from initial tests to birth, which require many medical procedures to be undertaken.  A future surrogate mother will be prescribed, if necessary, medication to synchronize her cycle with that of the genetic mother.

Initially, a woman submits blood and swabs for a test, undergoes ultrasound investigation and an examination of the uterine cervix. These procedures are very important to obtain a medical judgments about the details of the surrogate’s treatment using ART.

The embryo transferred to the surrogate’s uterus is genetically esthetic to the surrogate.


Medical support (for genetic parents)

If you need assistance to conceive, it is by no means a tragedy! The IVF procedure and the best specialists will assist you. Medicine has attained the highest level of technology and today uses a whole variety of methods.
After medical examination and consultations, a decision to undertake IVF by means of surrogacy can be made. It is your way to become a mother. You are the couple deserving particular attention and your baby is to be deeply desired! The process is the only thing that differentiates you to a degree from others!