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Our programs

The International agency «Assisted Motherhood» provides you with following programs:


Surrogacy program

The program includes providing of information about candidates to a surrogate mother from the data base, screening and investigation of a surrogate mother, consultations during the whole process, juridical support, paperwork, organization of the medical part of the program control and supervision of the realization of the program by the participants.

Surrogacy program with egg donation

The program includes all the steps of the surrogacy program and screening of an egg donor for families where the woman cannot produce eggs and also in cases with repeated unsuccessful IVF attempts with embryos of bad quality. Egg donation in this part of the program is anonymous.

Egg donation program

This program provides screening of an egg donor according to wishes and phenotype of the recipient. It includes screening of an egg-donor from the data bank of the agency or independent searching, paper work, complex medical investigation, corresponding of the donor to all demands of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, support of stimulation protocol of the donor till the obtaining of eggs.

Embryo donation

It is a new program for families and single woman who cannot use their own reproductive cells for conceiving. The frozen embryos of other couples, who gave permission on usage of their material, are used in this program. Our agency provides juridical support and consultations about realization of this program.

Our partners

The work of the agency is based on the experience of leading Ukrainian experts and clinics of reproductive medicine.
Our partners are the best specialists in this field.  
Besides, our agency works with other experts, organizations and companies for presenting the services of high quality to our clients. And all of them are our partners in this work!