About Agency

Assisted Matherhood International Agency offers surrogacy programs with individual selection of service packages.

The company has been working in Ukraine for more than 12 years. The Agency’s professionals boast 20-year professional experience in this area.

Over the years of the Agency’s work, more than 300 couples all over the world have become happy parents: USA, Sweden, Great Britain, Australia, Israel.

In its work, the Agency relies on the experience of top Ukrainian reproductive medicine professionals and clinics.




  • Transparency in relations
  • Experience of top professionals of the partner clinic in the area of reproductive technologies
  • Compliance with the current laws of Ukraine
  • Specialization in the most sensitive area of reproductive law — assisted maternity
  • Public awareness raising as regards legal, moral and medical issues of the surrogacy process


  • Unchanged contract value and amount of compensation paid to a surrogate after the contract is signed;
  • Guaranteed surrogate’s consent to your registration as parents of a child carried by her;
  • Guaranteed genetic affinity of a carried child with you;
  • Official payment to our company’s current account;
  • Program continuation with another candidate if interrupted for any reason, without additional payments from your side



  • General consultations concerning surrogacy programs and organizational issues
  • Legal advice
  • Medical consultations
  • Selection of reproductive medicine clinic
  • Matching with a surrogate in the Agency’s database
  • Arrangement of in-person meetings with candidates for surrogacy
  • Psychological diagnostics and medical screening of a potential surrogate to confirm her eligibility for the IVF program, child carrying and delivery
  • Selection of an oocyte donor
  • Providing general information about the IVF program with surrogacy
  • Coordination with program participants
  • Surrogate mentoring and control
  • Psychological support of the program participants
  • Preparation and signing of contracts with the program participants
  • Obtaining required medical and legal documents
  • Assistance in registration and obtaining a birth certificate at the civil registry office
  • Preparation of a package of documents for the Embassy (for non-residents)
  • Client’s representation in court
  • Translation, notarization, and legalization of documents
  • Insurance support
  • Accommodation and tourist services


Meet our team

Victoriya Rogatinskaya

Victoriya Rogatinskaya

Director of the Agency
Sergey Lisitsa

Sergey Lisitsa

Head of Legal Department
Anna Baryshpol

Anna Baryshpol

Nataliya Tymko

Nataliya Tymko

Individual Manager