Useful Information

For the purpose of infertility treatment using surrogacy method, patients (intended parents) should undergo medical examination depending on relevant indications for the ART (assisted reproductive technologies) treatment.

Indications for surrogacy include:

  • Absence of the uterus (congenital or acquired)
  • Deformation of the uterine cavity or cervix due to congenital abnormalities or diseases, where child carrying is impossible
  • Synechiae of uterine cavity, which is not treatable
  • Severe medical conditions that make carrying a pregnancy risky for a recipient’s (intended mother) health, but do not affect a baby’s health
  • Repeated unsuccessful ART attempts (4 or more) with repeated obtaining high quality embryos, transfer of which does not result in pregnancy

Surrogacy program algorithm

  • Surrogate selection
  • Synchronization of menstrual cycles
  • IVF procedure with further embryo implantation into the surrogate’s uterine
  • Cryopreservation (freezing) of unused embryos
  • Pregnancy testing (follow-up pregnancy test)
  • Prenatal care for the surrogate
  • Delivery (may be partner delivery with parents and the surrogate)


The chances of pregnancy with the IVF cycle with embryo implantation into the surrogate are much higher than with the standard IVF as transfer is made into a healthy woman.